Optimism In Ernest Hemingway's The Old Man And The Sea

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The aim of this research paper is to unravel optimism with a parallel description of symbols and themes. Before analyzing the symbols, the story and the themes that reflected the elements of optimism it is necessary to shed light on optimistic attitudes and feelings of author that is highlighted in the novel ‘The Old Man and the Sea’. Earnest Hemingway-an American short story writer, Novelist and Journalist- is a famous figure in the literary world of 20th century. Moreover, he is one of the most celebrated figures of American English literature. He struggled hard throughout his life, yet he did not let loose the imagination of optimization. In fact, he emerged as a promising personality that expounded to fight against the calamities and adversities of human life. In most of his novels, his heroes are seen charged with high intensity of optimistic attitude which provides them energetic strength to strive with calamities. As a matter of fact his most famous novel ‘The Old Man and the Sea’ is sprouted from the optimism that is a guiding principle of human circulation. Undoubtedly, optimism is a sort of positive characteristic that is having a source of living for each and every human being. It is a universal fact that people became less optimistic in the later period of their life. On the contrary, Santiago, the protagonist of the novel- The Old Man and the Sea’- can be observed with the vision of optimism even in his later span of life as he is astonishingly light hearted

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