Optimism In Unbroken

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According to google prisoners of war are people who have been captured and imprisoned by the enemy in war. The Law says prisoners are treated with respect and dignity. Some people don’t follow the law which may lead them into beating, starving and making them work. Louie was a fractious child who had turned into something great, an Olympic athlete. Later, he had went into the war and fought for his country. During a rescue mission, his plane had crashed and almost everyone died except for Louie,Mac and,Phil. Louie and Phil survived the raft without dying, and were forced to go to POW camp. When they realized that they were getting beat they had lost faith in surviving. There Louie had been stripped of his dignity and was being dehumanized, but he had still survived. In the novel, Unbroken Laura Hillenbrand uses two of Louie’s traits which are Resiliency and Optimism. Along Louie’s journey he had been in a crash along with his crewmen most of them died. They were stranded for a long time, 47 days max. There had been no people, food,water nothing. But Louie never lost his dignity. From his journey on the raft and camp, he was very optimistic and hopeful of surviving. Optimism was very helpful in a situation like Louie’s, because he needed hope to stay alive. On page 142 Louie had said “It was a life saving.” At this part he had been at…show more content…
Optimism and resiliency are some of the reasons why Louie survived in the POW camps. He got out of the camp after the war was over but there was more struggle to come have come. Louie would have flashbacks non-stop when he would sleep he would freak out about them and put people in danger. After this he began to drink badly, and harm his wife and his newborn daughter He later reconnected with God and stuck with his promise of devoting his life to

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