Ethicist Case Study For Adoption

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The issue in this case would be that the mother is not sure if she should see the child that she gave up for adoption or not. The child that the mom gave up for adoption has been trying to get in contact with her and start a new relationship between mother and daughter/son.
In response, the Ethicists explains to the viewers that the mother should not see her child due to many reasons. The Ethicists explains that the mother said that she had one condition when going for the adoption, it was for the adoptive mother to not give out her name and the adoptive mother did the opposite, due to the daughter/son being curious about their birth mom. That still did not give her any reason to go out and find her. The daughter was not entitled to have a connection with her birth mom, which makes the mom allowed to say no to meet her. It would be a better option, considering you can’t mixed feelings and the best interest of your child. If she does decide to get back in touch with her daughter/son, she cannot force her current
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Many reasons are being portrayed on why the mother should acknowledge the child. Although, the mom did not raise the child, she should set up a good life style for them. It is the mother’s choice as she is independent. Children are often curious about their birth parents if they know that they have been adopted. The right thing would be for the mom to let her child know who she/he is, considering the child has been curious to find out about their real background. The mom for sure has feelings about her first born and probably regrets making her choice, despite the fact that she had reasons for giving her child up in the first place. The mom would be generous to give her daughter/son a chance on getting to know her. Her first born doesn’t have to accept to meet up with her/his siblings unless they all agreed
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