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Who will you go to for a cure? This is where optometrists come in handy. They are part of the Health Science career cluster. This career cluster is part of STEM For those who are wondering, optometrists provide vision care.You probably even see an optometrist once every . optometrist, will need specific training/ education once you become an optometrist you will, obviously, be in a certain work environment as well as receive a salary for work.
Optometrists do not just know everything about optometry overnight. They require specific training, education, and tests to obtain and learn the material. Now, one specific requirement to become an optometrist is that they have to be licensed before they can start with their practice, and licence requirements are based on certain state regulations. Also, they must take an Optometry Admission Test (OAT) to be able to get into a school/college optometry. These OAT tests are taken in Prometric Testing Centers. Some
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Where optometrists work, what their job will be like, their attire, and the traits they should contain are all very valuble aspects of an optometrist’s work environment. Now, optometrists work within stand alone offices of optometry, doctor’s offices, and in pharmacies. What optometrist jobs are like is that most full-time optometrists work 40 hour weeks. They also have to be extremely flexible schedules clients. For attire, 36% of optometrists actually wear lab coats while most others wear business-casual clothing. Still, for any optometrist, nametags are a must, and they have to wear them onto their clothing. Studies have even shown that patients prefer optometrists with nametags on them. Now, some traits that optometrists should have are accuracy, compassion, and strong communication skills. By having accuracy, the optometrist pays close attention to details and explanations and strives for perfection because

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