Ethical Issues In Optometrist

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Optometry is a profession that is privileged to help serve the eye care needs of the public. It is entrusted by the government and society to do so in a professional and ethical manner. It is our responsibility as optometrist to always provide the best eye care to our patients. Our patient’s interests should be placed above self-interest and it is the primary ethical responsibility of all health care professionals to do so. This applies to optometrist especially as we are responsible to look after the best interests of our patients with regards to the patient’s eye, vision and general health.
Ethics as a discipline is the study and analysis of values and standards related to duty, responsibility, and right and wrong behaviour.
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Confidentiality: Optometry students should not reveal any information about the patient to anyone unless they have patient’s consent to do so. We must hold in confidence all protected health and other personal information of our patients. This is an important part of the optometrist-patient relationship that is necessary to build and maintain trust. The student clinician may reveal protected health and other personal information only with the written consent of the patient. However, exceptions to confidentiality do exist that are ethically justified. For example, in order to protect the welfare of the patient or others when faced with a significant threat, or when the release of information is required by…show more content…
Patient Records: Optometry students must not misplace or write false history/information/ results about their patients. A student clinician is responsible for maintaining appropriate and accurate records on every patient encounter. All tests results, ocular and general history of patient and patient’s family and diagnosis should be recorded detailed and properly. This is to ensure that full details of patient ocular history can be obtained in the future for purposes like review, follow-ups or even as a legal evidence.

4. Patient management: Upon completion of a patient examination, student clinicians must not release patients before managing the patient. We must manage our with the following information and document it in the patient’s for example, diagnoses of visual/ocular conditions and their relevant details, details of management plan proposed, patient’s current prescription and any purpose of referral to ophthalmologist if necessary.

5. Character: Optometry students should conduct themselves with good character in all of their actions to build trust and respect with patients, the public, and colleagues. Good character includes honesty, integrity, fairness, kindness, responsibility and compassion. All this qualities are important to be an exemplary optometrist upon
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