Oral Hygiene Personal Statement

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College for some people may be just a dream but for others it is a way of life. My mother struggled as a single parent for many years trying to provide for seven children. Food, shelter and other necessities were a constant struggle. I did not think that I could attain such a glorious achievement, because although school was important, it was not the number one priority in our home. Experiences shape our paths but do not determine our outcome. It is when we take our dreams and put them into action that they become reality. I use to be a dreamer until I realized I had to break the cycle. I did not want to continue this lifestyle for my future generation. I want to set an example for my brothers and sisters, but most importantly for my son.…show more content…
I want to join an outreach program to help those who cannot afford the expenses and are misinformed about oral hygiene. Oral hygiene is fundamental for personal health, but also an important factor for self-esteem. I plan to teach others the importance of oral hygiene and show them how to establish an oral health routine to create healthy life long habits. Knowledge is powerful. I would like to share my knowledge to help empower children and adults who may need it most. A degree at the UTHSC would give me the credentials to excel in my profession and educate others on the importance of preventative care. I have been interested in attending the UTHSC since my freshman year in high school. My dentist and dental hygienist attended this university and informed me on the great academics, helpful faculty and hands on experience that the UTHSC provides. I know if I am accepted into UTHSC, I will bring the passion and motivation that it takes to learn and to succeed in this prestigious program. Empowered with the knowledge that experiences shape our paths but do not determine our outcome, I am dedicated and ready to put in the work it takes to make my life-long dream a
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