Artificial Mucositis Research Paper

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Oral mucositis is the main complicate of head and neck chemotherapy. The current study was conducted to evaluation of Hypozalix artificial saliva and propolis mouthwash efficiency for the prevention of Chemotherapy induced-oral mucositis in Leukemia patients .This was a randomized controlled clinical trial conducted on 72 Chemotherapy induced-oral mucositis in Leukemia patients. The patients were divided into 3 equal treatment groups: Hypozalix artificial salivary, Propolis Mouthwash, and control groups. The method of artificial saliva Hypozalix usage according to the manufacturer order was as 4 or 5 puffs every 8 hours and every time on the left or right buccal mucosa, and the second group method usage was for 14 days, everyday 3 times, each…show more content…
he results indicate the effectiveness of both drug use and improve the quality of life scores both of article related to oral health patients also made findings being independent markers of effectiveness of medications the patient is more mucosa on the rate of artificial saliva, respectively.

Key words: artificial saliva , propolis , mucositis ,Leukemia

Oral mucositis (OM) is a term to describe an oral mucosa inflammation as a chemotherapy side effect. Clinical features combine erythema, edema and sensitivity, followed by painful ulceration and mucosal bleeding. Patients with severe OM are unable to eat, speak or swallow due to pain. The OM prevalence in children with cancer is 52—81%.Stomatitis and oral mucositis is a term used to describe inflammation of the oral mucosa as a common and debilitating side effects caused by chemotherapy and radiotherapy for head and neck are used. Honey is a natural substance made
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They should equally and randomly using software Rundles into three groups A, B and C will be split first (mouthwash of chlorhexidine and fluconazole with artificial saliva Hypozalix Manufacture Bio codex France containing 100 ml of approximately 200 puffs) and The second group (the chlorhexidine mouthwash and fluconazole with propolis mouthwash) and the third group (control group) of chlorhexidine mouthwash will receive.One minute in the mouth and then back out there. Oral examination based on the WHO

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