Oral Sedation Dentistry

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Small changes in a person 's smile make a huge difference. With the help of dental treatments, individuals find they gain self confidence and personal esteem. People who feel good about themselves show this in their appearance. If your smile isn 't everything you want it to be, it 's time to contact us. We offer a wide range of services to help you get the smile you dream of, often in less time than you think it will take. Thanks to advances in materials, techniques and technology, we can do things that weren 't possible ten years ago, so you can have a gorgeous smile you cannot wait to show off. Following are some of the services offered at our practice. General Dentistry Teeth cleanings are essential to oral health and general health.…show more content…
With the help of sedation dentistry, this doesn 't need to be an issue. Dentists now have access to a variety of sedation options to help individuals deal with this fear. From oral sedation taken an hour before an appointment to general anesthesia for those with a severe phobia, a dentist works with the patient to find the solution that best meets their needs. In the past, many associated sedation dentistry with laughing gas, yet this is no longer the case. Speak to the dentist to determine the right option. If walking into the office is an issue, don 't hesitate to call. Our staff will work with you to help you take this first step, regardless of what it takes to do so, as your oral health is too important…show more content…
For those patients, we now offer full mouth rehabilitation. Patients often associate this type of work with a smile makeover, yet the two have one major distinction. Individuals choosing a smile makeover do so as they wish to improve their appearance. A full mouth rehabilitation, in contrast, is done out of necessity, as the problems the person is experiencing interfere with their ability to speak, eat or function normally in some way. Although many of the same techniques and procedures are used in both processes, they are implemented for
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