Oral Thrush Research Paper

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Oral candidiasis or also referred as oral thrush is an infection in oral cavity which is caused by overgrowth of yeast-like fungus called Candida. The commonest species that cause oral thrush is the C.albicans. However, other species of candida like C.tropicalis, C.glabrata, C.pseudotropicalis, C.guillierimondii, C.krusei, C.lusitaniae, C.parapsilosis and C.stellatoidea might also be the cause of oral candidiasis.( Review) The growth of Candida in the mouth and the digestive tract is considered normal, but will cause symptoms if they overgrow. Infants are more prone to have oral thrush particularly in the first few weeks of life.(Responding to symptom). However, there are some conditions or situations where adults will be more likely to have…show more content…
Each component that made up the oral suspension has its own role or function. Posaconazole is the active ingredient in the oral suspension which will interact with its target whereas polysorbate 80 acts as surfactant and non-ionic wetting agent which lowers the surface tension of the liquid thus allowing the drug particle to be evenly dispersed. (4) Simeticone is used as antifoaming agent which reduce the formation of foams during reconstitution and manufacturing process. Simethicone lowers the surface tension of foams and form bigger foams thus will makes the trapped air in the foams to escape easily.(PE) Sodium benzoate has the antimicrobial properties and is used in the oral formulation as preservative. Sodium citrate dihydrate act as alkalizing agent, buffering agent, complexing agent and emulsifying agent. Buffering agent controls and maintains the pH of the formulation to avoid degradation of drug during manufacturing, reconstitution and storage.(5) Next, citric acid monohydrate also acts as buffering agent and antioxidant. Antioxidant inhibit or delay the oxidation process of the ingredients in the formulation. Glycerin act as, preservative, sweetening agent and increase the viscosity of the suspension.(PE) Xanthan gum act as suspending agent and viscosity-increasing agent. Suspending agent helps to redisperse the particle easily upon shaking. Liquid glucose act as a sweetening agent whereas titanium dioxide act as opacifier. Artificial cherry flavor is a flavoring agent which contains benzyl alcohol and propylene glycol, which also act as antimicrobial preservative. Purified water is the solvent used in

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