Orange Inns, Inc.: Case Study

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According to Florida Statute §509.111(1), The owner of the hotel is not responsible under any condition to be liable for guest’s, money, securities, and jewelry. If the owner of the hotel decides to keep the items for safekeeping under the rights of the guest, the hotel is still not liable for the loss of the items unless it was the hotels fault. The owner of the hotel is limited to $1,000.00 for the loss items if, the hotel gives a receipt for the property which the valued item price is listed. The receipt also must state that the public lodging establishment is not liable for any loss over $1,000.00 unless it was the lodges fault. Mr. Binion did not give David Wilson, the front desk clerk, his wakeboard for safe keeping. Nor, did Bibion get a receipt from Mr. Wilson stating the valued amount of the wakeboard and informing him that the hotel is not liable for any loss exceeding $1,000.00. …show more content…

Binion’s valued items. The items were located in the parking lot of the hotel not in the actual hotel. There is nothing the hotel can do to replace the wakeboard because it was not their responsibility. Orange Inns and Suites, Inc. should not have to pay to replace Mr. Binion’s wakeboard because it was not in their possession. Mr. Wilson should have told Mr. Binion the Hotel’s liability status. However, the items in the car was not under Orange Inns and Suites, Inc.’s care. The hotel is liable to the extent only if the items are in their

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