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ORANGE MADRIGALS A COLLECTION OF POEMS BY ARUN & SUNITHA But, if a miracle makes it so that they’re the same as yours… Preface Orange Madrigals is a collection of hundred co-authored poems. The book brings together a set that contributed to a correspondence between its authors – a correspondence that resulted in creating a soulful persona which is at once their lived life and something absolutely not. The poems form an intimate exchange sometimes; sometimes melt into androgynous monologues, or recreate moments from individual memories and dreams closely considered by the other. They fall alternately like exchanges of a mind with the world through the filter of another mind or as exchanges of a mind to the other impeded…show more content…
Ever since the canon of Romanticism, the typical poet persona is a mystified individualist. His attitudes, stances, communion with history, and his mythology of the self spontaneously burgeon forth as poems in the troubled, often ostracized or poetic conscience. As for women, creative expressions have been boxed into verbalizations of freedom of sexual choice, and declamations against the abstract of patriarchy, under the historic label ‘women’s writing’. As these equations run their course into the second decade of the twenty first century, they have brought poetry to a tedious fate, distancing readers, and unintentionally making the art a sort of autoerotic indulgence. Orange Madrigals is a collaborative effort whose duplexistential authorship pitches its interests beyond self-examination – it is rather about self-extension, relating and relaying one’s self to another of similar mental life, a eugenics of poetry. Poetry as practiced in this book seeks to build a resistance to the usual shelves of poetry that we feed ourselves upon: its dissolution of author-as-a-solipsist addresses squarely the prevalent personae of poets. It hopes to establish how an individual heart need not be the provenance of poetic thought; how it is very possible for two individuals who can communicate, to communicate poetry so as to make it richer, more meaningful, more worth the while an

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