Orangeodink Lemondrink Man Short Story

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Mr.Hollick. Her husband needed to pitch her to his English boss to save his own skin. When she demonstrated her outrage by saying nothing. Baba get awkward and after that maddened by her quietness. Abruptly he rushed her, snatched her hair, punched her and Ammu for her self-protection brought down the heaviest book – The Reader 's process world map book .After this occurrence Ammu concluded that she will leave Baba and returned to her parent ' house because she don’t want the effect of violence and abuse on her small children. The unbeneficial marriage framework appeared to be ridiculous and pointless to Ammu. AMMU ABUSED BY INSPECTOR THOMAS MATHEW At the point when Ammu was denied of each relationship, she was destined to meet the Inspector Thomas Mathew who verbally and physically abused her. He called her…show more content…
Estha tried to reject his free lemon and orange drink but man accomplished his wish by making him to drink. When Estha was alone in Abhilash Talkies Princess Circle lobby, his family was inside enjoying movie this gave man opportunity to do whatever he wants to do. “Now if you’ll kindly hold this for me’,the Orangedrink Lemondrink Man said, handling Estha his penis through his soft muslin dhoti, I’ll get you you drink. Orange? Lemon?”(Roy, 1997, 103) From above quoted line the cruelty of Orangedrink Lemondrink Man is reflected.Estha was sexually abused by Orangedrink Lemondrink Man. Estha 's experience factors into the tragic events at the heart of the narrative. In order to safeguard the precious feelings of others, she failed to realize the feelings of her own children. This unfriendly rudeness made her son conceal the sexual abuse of the Orangedrink Lemondrink man. Even his twin Rahel could sense the unsmooth relation between Estha and the man that caused fever in him. Ammu failed to notice the evil desire behind his surprisingly sweetness with

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