Oranges By Gary Soto Summary

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The poem Oranges by Gary Soto is a somewhat uneventful poem that manages to trigger many different feelings. The poem is the account of the narrator and can be portrayed as the author or any other man. The narrator is twelve years old and reminises on the first time he talked with a girl. It takes place in the month of December. It is cold and he is bundled up in a jacket. In the two jacket pockets, he has one orange in each. He describes the frost cracking beneath him as we walks. His breath is visible as is usually is in the cold. Now he is aproaching this girl’s house. He knows by memory which house it is because it’s the one with the yellow florecent light in the front that is always on. It is even noted that the light is on night and day, no matter the weather. The girl’s pet dog is assumably, but not assuradly, tied up, fenced in, or inside, and is barking at the boy as he approaches. The dog stops barking as she comes outside. She comes out she is finishing putting on her gloves as younger children often find difficulty in doing so. He describes her face as bright with rouge. At the first sight of her he smiles, then touches her shoulder as he leads her down the street. As they head down the road, they pass through a used car lot, and past a line of newly planted trees. The two are…show more content…
For instance, I can place myself in the position of the narrator of the story. I was, at one point, a young boy, and also have had awkward experiences in my life. I have had my own first date and would have done anything to keep from looking, “bad,” like I thought I would have if I had done something wrong. As a man we feel the need to be the anchor, the supporter, the one who takes care of the other. Even as a child we feel this way, and it is in no way a bad thing. We don’t want to seem like we aren’t capable to provide, in this case, a chocolate, when we are needed to. I feel that this is a very relatable
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