Oratory: The Art Of Public Speaking

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Oratory is the art of public speaking, which signifies eloquence, a fluent, stylish, and persuasive speaking along with the art of rhetoric, composing and delivering a speech. Oratory is an extensive range subject, including the credibility of the speaker, coherence, and clarity of the expression as well as a valid argument to convince the audience. The ancient Greeks and Romans have highly appreciated the value of oratory; similarly, the modern rhetorician has highly valued the field of oration. Therefore, the contemporary discourse stresses the importance of the same approaches that the classical rhetoric practiced besides the technological orientation. The art of Oratory encompasses the rhetorical appeal, five canons of the discourse as well as the four branches of oratory.
According to the ancient sources, oratory was presented to Athenian in the last three decades of the fifth century BC by a famous sophist Gorgias who stayed Athens in 427 BCE. Plato (428 BC – 347 BC) depicted Gorgias in his dialogue as a great debater who motivated Athenian by his eloquence; Encomium of Helen was one of Gorgias’ great works which analyze the power of language. Conversely, Pericles’ (494 BC- 429BC) career evident that oration existed in the Athens before Gorgias’s arrival; Pericles was a prominent and influential Greek debater during the Golden age. He was gifted in the field of the oration; his funeral speech and other debates are the great examples of his prodigies. Similarly,
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