Orb And Infinity Stone Analysis

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One anthropological concept that has influenced one of the character’s behavior in a specific scene in Guardians of the Galaxy is power. Power does take many forms, but in this scene the Orb and infinity stone hold all the power. A specific scene where Power has influenced one of the character’s behavior is one of the very last scenes in the movie, where Ronan holds all the power and is planning on destroying the universe. Since Ronan has possession of the infinity stone, the universe’s fate rests in the power of the stone Ronan has control of. Ronan has become so obsessed and driven for revenge that all the power he holds influences him to take action and make huge decisions affecting the universe and many innocent people around him. Who ever has the stone has the most power…show more content…
That orb and infinity stone are so powerful that it influences one’s behavior, such as Ronan’s. Ronan has always been a villain, but with all the power and influence from what he could do with it all, he became a monster and wanted to destroy the universe. Many people, innocent, were hurt through the decisions Ronan made while influenced by the power of the infinity stone, but unfortunately the power was too much and ended up destroying himself in the end of the scene. The power changed Ronan into an even more fearful and powerful man that most of the universes feared. He was influenced by all the power and was changed from all the influences the power offered him. Ronan used the power of the infinity stone forcefully and for his own good within the universe. The influence the stone had on Ronan put the whole universe at risk and ended in more tragedy that could have been avoided. This anthropological concept has influenced Ronan’s behavior during this scene where the Guardians of the Galaxy save the universe and destroy Ronan who made risky decisions and became even more influenced the longer he had
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