Analysis Of Awakenings

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Monserrat, Neihl Emmanuel M. PT 1-2 Ma’am Peggy Anne W. Orbe, MAEd

Movie Critique of “Awakenings”

The Writer: Oliver Sacks

The Director: Penny Marshall

Awakenings is a 1990 American drama film based on Oliver Sack’s 1973 account of the same title. The film was produced by Lawrence Lasker and Walter Parker, who first encountered Sack’s book as undergraduates at Yale University and optioned it a few years later.

I have just seen the movie, Awakenings and it left me teary-eyed. I would like to give an opinion about the film. But first of all, let me mention a couple of details that might help you understand what type of movie I’m talking about. This is a 1990 American drama movie which is based on a true story of a life of a
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Lowe saw the improvement of her son. I almost cried because of her heart-melting reaction. She has been taking care of her son who had been in frozen state for 30 years continuously because of Mrs. Lowe’s unconditional love towards Leonard. She reads to him every day because he loves reading and she understands his need even though he is static. I felt the authenticity of the acting of Ruth Nelson as she played a heart-wrenching role.

This film teaches me to appreciate the simple things and natural joys in life that we take for granted. It positively sends us the message to enjoy life. It also gives us a message to embrace and love everything that we have. Leonard attitude about life also imparts us a lesson. I admire the way he appreciates life despite being 30 years backward due to his disease of being immobile or unresponsive. After watching this film I can't stop thinking that there are so many untold true and moving stories which can really impact your perspective towards
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My MPAA rating would be PG-13 since there are scenes that are not good for them. Patients who occasionally scream and yell-out may be too intense for younger viewers. This film also has sexual content like when a man’s eyes follow a girl wearing a short skirt. The script also contains infrequent profanities and one use of strong sexual expletive. The film also depicts some smoking and alcohol use. Overall, Awakenings is a good film. It is based on actual people and events and for me, real events are always more powerful than even the best fiction. This movie will move you from joy to sadness to joy to sadness.

I would give Awakenings an A+ as it is the most emotionally moving film I have ever seen. It is a very touching movie with flawless acting. Hats off to the producers, writers and incredible actors for making this film. This really is a great movie for the whole family The film is definitely worth watching again. This movie deserves to be at the top of your list of movies to see.

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