Orca Captivity

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There is always a new bandwagon for false activists, and one of the most popular is the cause of freeing captured killer whales. For some, this is not just the latest fad, but it has been a life long devotion which has been the focus of their passion since the mid twentieth century. These creature are majestic and need to be protected. They were named after this frightening figure because of their brutal reputation in the wild. In Latin, the word Orca can literally be translated to barrel-shaped, thus referring to the large and cylindrical shape of the killer whale 's body. Although the basis of their names suggest otherwise, orcas travel together in pods of three to twenty five. The concept of living together as a family does not correlate…show more content…
As if removing these animals from their natural environment was not enough, these killer whales which have an understandably predatory nature been vilified in the public for unfortunate incident which have taking place at different aquariums throughout the world. Gruesome accidents and tragic deaths demonstrate the fact that wild animals do not belong in captivity. They are maligned for these actions which are simply part of their feral nature. These wolves of the sea deserve to be flipping as close to nature as possible. They should be migrating and hunting with large family pods instead of sitting alone in comparably small tanks. Undergoing human experimentation, prodding and poking, and irrelevant training exercises, whales in captivity are forced to live in an unnatural and inhibited manner. The line between animal cruelty and human entertainment is one that has been a blur in a recent studies. Human entertainment and boredom should not give rise to the mistreatment of animals in captivity. If parks wish to remain open, then special precautions must be taken to both ensure the safety of human trainers and workers as well as happiness and comfort of the animals. If held captive animals should be given habitats that are as close to their

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