Orca Research Paper

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With an empty stomach, the large bull orca confronts the lone, yet cocky Great White Shark. As the Great White bares its teeth, the bull orca jumps out of the water, slamming its body on the shark. In desperation, the small shark tries to ram the orca’s eye, but hits its false eye patch, still injuring him. With his temper blaring, the seven-ton killer whale swims full speed at the shark, smacking his flukes on the small head of the Great White. In one final stroke, the orca scoops it into its own mouth, smacks its head on coral reef and kills it. The orca is my favorite animal because of its domineering behavior, majestic appearance, and striking intelligence. With the orca’s incomparable behavior, it is no wonder why these majestic creatures are considered the “top ocean predators” and “kings of the ocean.” Orcas, commonly known as killer whales, live in groups called pods. The members of the…show more content…
Orcas have the 2nd largest brain of all marine mammals, just three pounds less than the Sperm Whale’s 18-pound brain. For starters, orcas in each pod have their own “language,” composed of clicks, squeaks, and whistles. In addition to each orca pod having its own “language,” the orcas can decipher other pods’ languages. Orcas also have incredibly precise echolocation, a form of sonar or radar in animals. Killer whales use echolocation for a couple of things. They use it mostly for finding and hunting down food. Orcas also use it if they need to find their way back to their pod, or in a rare instance, if an attacker is approaching. Once a cetacean was once taught to clean its tank by bringing up garbage. He soon found a great way to get lots of fish; he would put the garbage under a rock, tear it to shreds, and bring each individual piece up to the top, getting a fish for every small piece. This shows the magnitude of the killer whales’ complex
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