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Graph A represents recordings of a transient killer whale, whereas Graph B represents recordings of a resident killer whale. Both graphs show the changes in each whale type; one documents a drastic change over the course of four hours, while the other one—over the same amount of time—shows a more consistent pattern. A transient killer whale is represented in the first graph because, although a majority of the data shows the orca keeping to the higher points of the ocean, there are still points in which the orca dives to the bottom depth of the ocean, which would make sense due to the fact that this particular type of orca is known for preying on marine mammals. Based on the information in the chart, it could easily be assumed that they dwell closer to the top of the water, but when they are ready to feed, they dive to the…show more content…
This graph shows a more stable recording in the movement of this type of orca; the furthest that the whale in graph B dives is about 75 meters. Resident killer whales are also known to only prefer fish, opposed to the transient killer whale, which targets marine mammals. The graph also supports the fact that resident killer whales are exactly what their name says, they are familiar with the territory they inhabit, which allows them to frequent and move about more, where as with the transient orca, they could only go so far because they navigate and dive according to where their food is. Both graphs are very distinct in terms of figuring out which type of killer whale it depicts; the resident killer whale has a very consistent dive and depth pattern, and is very easy to detect because of the obvious background of its kind—what it preys on as well as where it usually migrates to, where as the transient killer whale has a more spaced out graph, due to the fact that unlike the resident killer whale, it stays more to the coastal areas and would only dive deep to seek out other marine mammals to prey

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