Orcas Island Research Paper

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Orcas Island is the Depending on whom you ask, is shaped like a pair of saddlebags or a horse-shoe, and is a majestic blend of breathtaking shoreline, gin-blue lakes, towering mountain peak, hilly landscape, dense forest, and charming hamlets and villages. Referred to by locals as the "Gem of the San Juans," the 57-square mile island-dotted sea is located in the San Juan Islands of Washington State and is a display of pristine natural beauty. This quiet and relaxed piece of paradise is the gem that is partly because of places like, Orcas Village, West Sound, Deer Harbor, Eastsound, Olga and Doe Bay. The name Orcas is derived from Horcasitas, the shortened form of the name Juan Vicente de Güemes Pacheco de Padilla y Horcasitas, segundo conde…show more content…
The first recorded inhabitants of Orcas, the coastal Salish tribes, holds Orcas as a sacred place, and Madrona Point is only accessible to Lummi nation tribal members. The eastern portion of Orcas is a mountainous, lush, heavily forested area, with Douglas firs and enormous cedars. Fresh water lakes such as Twin Lake, Cascade Lake, and Mountain Lake are hotspots for swimming and cliff jumping. The heart of the island is made up of rolling farmland, providing the ideal picture of grazing sheep and horses. The Salish Sea encompasses the Orca, and is a diverse ecosystem with more than 200 fish species and some 300 species of invertebrates, such as crabs, mussels, nudibranchs.

The natural beauty of Orcas is evident in a popular camping location, Moran State Park, located near Eastsound, and Mount Constitution, towering some 2000 feet, showcasing a spectacular panoramic view of the surrounding lakes, parklands and smaller islands. Orcas Island offers many great opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors, touring the countryside, kayaking coastal waters, hiking the lush forest, day-sailing Deer Harbor, and sightseeing the Judd Cove Preserve and enjoying its beach. Orcas Island is a unique, exquisite jewel that is a natural splendor ready to be explored and
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