Orchestra Concert Review Essay

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The Appalachian Symphony Orchestra performed, Celebration and Remembrance. The orchestra opened with Fanfare for the Common Man. Which was conducted by Mr. Smith. It was a great way to start off a World War II and Civil War Memorial concert. It was the opening piece and the orchestra was full of energy, and came out loud and with the bang. It brought a sense of suspense, with the opening bass drum so loud and firm, the audience jumped a little in their seats. You could envision war while listening to this piece, the stage was the battle field, the left side of the orchestra was the Axis Power, the right side was the Allies and the bass drum were the drummer boy. Fanfare for the Common Man was well put together, the orchestra sounded good even…show more content…
The first movement was very intense, and Mrs.Orth had a very serious face. This movement used every instrument on stage, and was very complex, disjunct and scattered. The excitement picked when the piece was really scattered for a while, and then all of a sudden the orchestra got loud. The brass and percussion, overpowered every other intrusement and held the same note for a few second. The second movement brought a sense of balance to the overall piece. It started off pretty slow and peaceful, and the audience became relaxed. It began to increase in speed, and all of sudden the percussion came out in full force. It woke the whole audience up and brought life back to orchestra, who had begun to lose energy. It was funny when the violinists stop playing and it got quiet, and then they picked back up again, and stopped. The audience was so confused. The third movement, was similar to the first, but more very conversational. The fourth movement was loud, fast, and serious all in one. No one was smiling, it was like the end of the battle. At the end of the performance Mrs.Orth acknowledge each section and made them stand up and take bow, next she made the whole orchestra stand up several times, and take several bows. While the audience gave them a standing
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