Control Vs Ignorance In Lord Of The Flies

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If given the choice, would it be prefered to have order and control or to have chaos and savagery. Most would depend on the controlled and disciplined environment, while others revolt to the chaotic and carefree roles. The survival for the boys in The Lord of the Flies relied on these two alternatives, but it was the attempt at creating a government that made them choose. And most lost something that would not be possible to gain back, the loss of innocence. Most youth are given role models to follow and learn from, the boys on the island had no role models. They had to acquire survival skills and personal morals for themselves. Discipline and control are meant to uphold the structure and balance that has been created. There was a balance of power in the beginning of the story that was slowly destroyed until there was nothing left but chaos. Ralph had been voted chief…show more content…
With the fear of the beastie on the island the boys became scared and violent towards anything that could cause harm. Simon was murdered because the rest of the boys were influenced by Jack and beside themselves with fear, Simon came down to warn them that the monster was real and lived within them. He became the center of an animistic ritual that ended in his unfortunate death. Once one murder had been committed, it seemed easier for the boys to accept the fact that they were no longer civilized children. Jack decided to permanently become his own tribe and move into Castle Rock, he took most of the remaining boys along with him. Ralph and Piggy, one of the few left of the original tribe, tried to make peace. But it only resulted in the death of Piggy, the destruction of the conch shell, and the hunt for Ralph the next morning. All innocence and purity was lost the longer they remained on the
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