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(Question 3.) Explain your understanding of the distinctive vocations of the order of elder and the order of deacon. How do you perceive yourself, your gifts, your role, and your commitment as provisional elder in The United Methodist Church? (324.9.k) Methodism recognizes two Orders and one Office of ministry as far as professional clerics are concerned. The Order of Deacon and the Order of Elder are the two distinct classes of ordained service. I understand the elder to be one who pastors a local church. The position of the elder is committed to a life of word, study, sacrament, order and service. The elder is positioned to the service of humankind in all areas of life from burying the dead, holy matrimony, pastoral counseling, preaching, teaching, etc… The elder serves a local congregation by appointment and administers…show more content…
In the four years of pastoring, I have grown in roll as pastor. I feel like a mother hen in some instances. I’m compelled to look after them. I want to make sure everything is going well in their lives and when it doesn’t I’m right there alongside the members of the congregation. For instance, while I was studying in the office I heard the choir rehearsing for the cantata. It hit me, they might be thirsty. I jumped up, went and got everyone in the choir, musicians and sound a bottle of water. I thought nothing of it but later, I reflected on what made me stop to do that? It’s because I love them and would do anything I could to serve them in the capacity they needed. From a physical need of a drink, to comforting in a hospital room, to presence after a death, to referring to outside sources for help, to addressing difficult issues, whatever the case may be. Getting a bottle of water is such a small thing, but it gives great insight into the type of leader I am. I model what I teach, and I live out what I
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