Fantastic Friendship Ordinary Boy Analysis

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Fantastic Friendship, Ordinary Boy Sobbing, lying silently, and putting the right hand on the forehead as if got a fever, with ultimate sadness in the chest. After begin absent for two years since junior, finally, they occured, once again. In short, I failed again unexpectedly, in another province-wide Olympiad in Informatics competition, somewhat related to programming. You may find it was not a big deal, and simply consider I was too fragile to undergo any impacts, but those competitions were the only things that I could discover passion in and enjoy euphoric success. Indeed, I had won in easier ones, but this wouldn’t happen readily in an advanced one. I made 2 out of 80 points in the first, but don’t laugh yet, because I only got 1 out…show more content…
Fortunately, I would enter HFI, perhaps the most reputable international school in Guangdong. But just as in Robert Frost’s The Road Not Taken, “I took the one less traveled by,” and I would be separated with my friends, so “I doubted if I should ever come back.” After the graduation of junior school, surprisingly, Yan wrote me a letter which contained tremendous thanks. She had some difficulties adapting into the new class and was very introverted in year 7. After then, though she was still shy timid sometimes, she had built up invaluable friendships and was popular with almost everyone. I thought she managed to survive all by herself, but in the letter, she mentioned that I did two little things in year 7, which made her realize that she actually received attention in the class, and her being was necessary. I couldn’t remember any of these things after at least 2 years, so when I finished reading it, I smiled, “She’s such an emotional girl who will be moved by such inconspicuous and forgettable things!” Just then, a Chinese Knot slide out of the envelope, and I found some additional words on the back of the letter, “I know that you will leave China after 3 years, and stayed in the U.S. for another 4 years, even forever. So I give you this which would hopefully remind you of China. I wish you would remember the origin of your life, remember China.” Although the knots were quite simple and loose, the steps could be found in a textbook of primary school, and I tried not to be moved, but eventually tear dripped into my mouth in dribs and drabs. What an emotional boy I am just like
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