Ordinary Day

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What Looks Like Crazy on an Ordinary Day is a book in the realistic fiction genre this book was the first novel written by Pearl Cleage. And in 1998 it was an Oprah book club pick,this book spend nine weeks on the New York Times bestseller list. Pearl Cleage is an african american author who is an Atlanta base writer. Her work has won critical praise and commercial acceptance of fiction and nonfiction genre that has been widely recognised. Pearl cleage has written various types of genres, she is also an accomplished dramatist, and has written a lot of poems. According to pearlcleage.net, Pearl 's second novel “I Wish I Had A Red Dress” in 2001 won multiple books club award. Another book she wrote that also won an award and was a “Good Morning America!” book club pick in 2003 was “Something I Never Thought I’d Do”. This author books are really amazing to read. At first when I started reading What looks like crazy on an ordinary day, it took me a while to really understand the book, but after the first few pages I then begin to get the concept of the story. Reading this book makes me feel a lot of empathy for the main character in the story, this is because her life was filled with a lot of indecisions and a mistake…show more content…
I do believe and think that the ending of this novel is novel is satisfactory, this is because the main character got the true understanding of life, she decided to decide to live according to the will of God, the society accepted her and she was loved by both her family and her boyfriend Eddie who she later got married to. This novel is very fun to read. I can recommend this book to anyone to read because it full with a lot of lesion and it help me realized the true meaning of life in a good
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