Ordinary Genie In Aladdin

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You do know that Genie was not your ordinary Genie in Aladdin. He’s quirky! He’s smart! He’s awesome! He’s fancy! And he got some pretty nifty advices for Aladdin when the little guy opens up his love with Jasmine. We could actually say that Genie is the kind of guy (or uhm, spirit) that can give you awesome advices. And like maybe any other kind of topic, he can actually give you great reasons why you should buy traffic from your trusted trader (uhm err, camel store? Or wait! Traffic supplier!) Now let’s imagine again if you had that magical lamp in your hands and you started rubbing it. And then suddenly… POOF! Yes, Aladdin? What can I do for you, my chummy chum chum! “Uhm, genie. Why should we buy website traffic?” Oh goody good! I’m ready
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