Ordinary People Be Guest Character Analysis

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The novel Ordinary people be Guest, is about an adolescent boy who tries to commit suicide. Conrad is the novel's protagonist and all the time on the novel he tries to get back into normal life, after his brother died in a boating accident. The novel begins a month later, when Conrad came to the home after hospitalized. He starts to meet with a psychiatrist, Dr. Berger to help him get motivation for the life. Conrad's parents have different views on his healing, but despite various problems he starts to feel much better. Calvin is Conrad's father and he doesn't want his son to repeat mistakes of the past, as he had already lost his other son. Beth is Conrad's mother, she is a very strong woman and has her own way of the life. Because of different…show more content…
" The thing is," she says, "we should both be careful about who we see. It isn't good for either of us to get down." (p. 57) Also, Conrad becomes interested in a girl, Jeanine who was new in Lake Forest. From the novel, we see, that they start very close and make a good pair by the end of the novel. Even shocking news of the death of Karen, don't take him down and he finds the strength to go straight into the future. Calvin is Conrad's father and Beth's husband. He is an attorney in the tax office and works many years with his partner. He is a very good father, and throughout the novel we see that all the time he worries about Conrad. He wants to give to Conrad everything that he did not have when he was a child. After his oldest son has died, all his attention he gives to Conrad and his healing to get better. He always asks about his health, which is not always like Conrad. The relationship of father and son were not always perfect, but each time they start the better the communication. For example, after Conrad's fight with a friend, Calvin tries to make everything to comfort his son. Calvin says, "Listen, a bloody nose is nothing. Nothing to worry about. So, forget it." (p.
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