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The movie ordinary people is describing a family who is having trouble trying to function with each other normally after losing their son and brother Buck to a boat accident. Buck was the reason that the family was sticking together and were functioning more normally than ever. They would be more connected by talking a lot with each other, doing family activities together, laughing and smiling all the time with each other. Then after that it changed them completely which left them being bitter, depressed, and even having lots of flashbacks of their pasts. Like how Conrad tried to commit suicide because of the lost, which he was lucky enough to survive from that. And also that his parents split up afterwards, because they couldn’t communicate…show more content…
Also there was another scene where it showed the mother Beth seeing her husband and the father Calvin crying in the dining room. In which she asked him ‘why are you crying?’ in which he replied saying ‘I’m not sure if I’m in love with you anymore.’ And she responded to him by saying nothing but going back up to her room silently before breaking down into tears as she packed all of her belongings to Houston. It shows that she had lots of trouble trying to cope with the pain of her dead son Buck. She seems to show how she is always trying to distract herself from the pain, by trying to spend more times with her husband Calvin. Like going to Europe for vacation and even playing golf with their…show more content…
He is worried about his son’s mental health how he would act strangely quiet and try to change every subject that makes him feel uncomfortable. He should’ve had a discussion with his wife about how much he wants to stay in a healthy relationship with her, but is struggling because of his grieving. And that he should talk to her in trying to be more connected with their son Conrad, to do only what is best for his future. Also the problem with the mother Beth, she is shown to be very disconnected with her

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