Oregon Trail Essay

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The Oregon Trail didn’t follow a single set path. While most Oregon bound emigrants traveled a route that passed by landmarks in Missouri Kansas Wyoming and Oregon there was never just one set of wagon ruts leading west.Frontier explorers and fur trappers blazed the rough outlines of the Oregon Trail in the early 19th century, but the route was initia considered too demanding for women, children or covered wagon to navigate.That year Marcus helped lead the first major wagon train of around one Thousand Settler along the Oregon trail an exodus now know as the great migration.Traffic soon skyrocketed and by the late 1840 's and early 1850 upwards of 50 thousand people were using the trail each year. The Oregon Trail was a wagon road that was…show more content…
From the 1880s thousands for trekked westward carrying only a few belonging for the journey. The first Europeans EuroAmerican to see the west were mountain men trappers, overland explorers. Fur trading posts began to spring up throughout the interior. By the year 1836, the first of the migrant train was put together.from 1811,to 1840 the oregon trail was put down by traders and fur trapper.As frontiersman and fur traders from Canada and the u.s. started to populate the west of the trading posts and small settlements.At the same time the u.s. was rocked by the depression. Each part of the journey had challenges but they always need to keep moving to complete the journey before the supplies run out.Some were born on the great journey that connected the east coast to the pacific northwest and 3000,000 to 500,000 people traveled overland. As the traffic on the oregon trail increased a bustling it was good for the trading posts on the way and it was a good way to get supply like food and equipment for the five-month journey.Only of an estimated of emigrants 80,000 of 400,000 that took the oregon trail that ended their journey in oregon’s Willamette Valley.The oregon trail took some people to the california trail.About half settled in oregon and the other hail moved more south california.they proved that the journey could be
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