Orem's Self-Care Deficit Theory In Nursing

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The theoretical framework gives a detailed reason to why the highlighted research ques-tion exists. Orem’s self-care deficit theory of nursing is the theoretical framework relat-ing to this research because the theory is further divided into three sub-theories in which requisite are line with the following: Individual stages of development and goals, Health conditions, Developmental states, Energy consumption and expenditure, Atmospheric conditions and also the theory gives room to investigate possible causes of malnutrition alongside nurse’s intervention by assessing the need for care, approaches and required interventions. According Orem in 2001, nursing can be viewed as part of the health sector that provides authorized care to individuals.…show more content…
The application of theoretic knowledge has to be well structured during nursing care. According to the self-care deficit theory of nursing, attaining the individual therapeutic self-care demand and maintaining the patient self-care agencies are the required result.(Smith 2012). 3.1 Assumption and assertion of the theory The assumption relating to this theory were devised in the early 1970s. Orem in 2001, highlight five fundamental nursing law (Smith 2012) and these include; 1. Human being demand continual input: They engage in continuous interaction among themselves and their environments for functionality and sustainability. 2. Human agency: Ability of act dependently and decided in order to know the want and needs 3. Mature human beings experience privations: every person are unique. It is an ac-tion experienced during self-care and people's involvement in ensuring sustaina-bility. 4. Human agency: identifies, develop and deliver care for self and…show more content…
Groups of human beings with regulations: assign individuals to provided care and deliberate decisions about self and others. Orem’s theory is a universal theory that focused on the following assertion: (Smith 2012): The theory of nursing systems, the theory of self-care deficit, and the theory of self-care. 1. The theory of nursing system: The theory of nursing system describe nursing as actions performed by human (nurses). These actions are planned and discharged following the task of the nursing agency for individuals or group of people with health-related issues or limitations. Care provided can be self-care or dependent care and these include diagnosis, prescription and management. 2. The theory of self-care deficit: It is the essential part of the theory. Self-care def-icit is the relationship that exist between the self-care agency and self-care de-mand and it is aimed at ensuring the self-care are below the demand for self-care. The concept of theory of self-care deficit is aimed at accessing the need for care or nursing. Nursing is required when the care that is dependent care or self-care given to individual is unlimited or
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