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Summary of Oresteia: The Libation Bearers/Cheophoroi The Libation Bearers is the second play in the trilogy of Oresteia. The first play titled Agamemnon tells the story of how Clytemnestra had an affair and planned to kill her husband Agamemnon for many deeply rooted reasons, and accomplished it. The second play starts with a nightmare. Years after Agamemnon’s death, Clytemnestra dreamt she laboured a serpent which she loved and cared for like a child. She offered the snake her milk but as it bore its fangs onto her teat, blood mixed with milk and its tongue fed on the pink mixture. The queen’s screams pierced through the darkness of the night and talked gibberish for hours until she finally ordered Electra, her daughter with Agamemnon whom she sold off as a slave, to offer libations on her behalf at the previous king’s burial mound with the rest of the house slaves. Two shadows lurked upon the grave of the late king Agamemnon: one silent man named Pylades and; one grieving man with brewing…show more content…
Two shadows cast on the palace doors. Orestes and Pylades disguise themselves as travellers who bore news. Clytemnestra came only to be told that her son Orestes has met his end. She appeared sorrowed and headed to her chamber to grieve yet offered the two strangers hospitality. News soon spread in the house until it reached Orestes’s nurse at youth—Cilissa. She grieved for him like a mother to a son. She was then sent to get Aegisthus but before she could go, the housemaids told her to tell him to come home without armour and bodyguards. Shortly, Aegisthus arrived and gets murdered. Screams were heard and Clytemnestra went to its origins, wielding the same axe she used on Agamemnon, to find Aegisthus dead and his son Orestes—alive and intent to kill her. She pleaded for her life making Orestes hesitate and seek counsel from Pylades but killed her afterwards. The palace doors open to Orestes standing over the bodies of the previous rulers of the

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