Organ Donation Essay

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Organ Donation: Life Goes On
Twenty-two people have died today. Organ donation is supported by 95% of U.S. adults, but only 54% are actual donors. “Deceased organ donors can donate: kidneys (2), liver, lungs (2), heart, pancreas, and intestines. In 2014, hands and faces were added to the organ transplant list. Living organ donors can donate: one kidney, a lung, or a portion of the liver, pancreas, or intestine.” ( Whether you are a donator or never heard of organ donation before now. Most people have many questions. About how everything works from the transplant to the funeral of the donator and much more. So let`s tackle the 5 most frequently asked questions one at a time.
1. How do transplants work?
“The transplant operation takes place after the transport team arrives at the hospital with the new organ. The transplant recipient is typically waiting at the hospital and may already be in the operating room awaiting the arrival of the lifesaving organ.
Surgical teams work around the clock as needed to transplant the new organs into the waiting recipients.” (
2. What can I donate?
Deceased organ donors can donate: two kidneys, liver, two lungs, a heart, pancreas, intestines, faces and hands. Living organ donors have the opportunity to donate: one kidney, a lung, or a portion of the liver, pancreas, or intestine. You are also able to donate as
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