Organ Donation Essay

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There are many myths that people still believe about organ donation. Many of these myths come from television, movies, and ignorance. There are certain things that can stop me from being an organ donor such as age, illness or physical defects. Each person’s medical condition is assessed at the time of death to determine which organs and tissues are usable for donation. People living with incurable diseases or those who have a history of cancer or other deadly diseases are still encouraged to join and register for organ donation. There is no age limit for organ and tissue donation. That means that people of any age wishing to become organ and tissue donors should indicate it on their driver’s license, inform their family of their wishes, and make sure they are registered. If doctors see that I am registered as an organ or tissue donor, they will not work as hard to save my life, this turns out to be one of the most common myths to be believed. The primary issue of a medical professional is to save the lives of the sick or injured that come to the hospital. Organ and tissue donation isn’t even considered or discussed until after death is declared. The doctors and nurses involved in a person’s care before death are not involved in the recovery or transplantation of donated corneas, organs or tissues. An individual must also be in a hospital, on a ventilator and pronounced brain dead in order to donate organs. The Gift of Life Donor Program is not notified until life-saving
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