Persuasive Essay On Organ Donation

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Organ Donation
Emmalee Hitchcock

Did you know that anyone can be a donor? Regardless of age or medical history you can register to be a organ donor. Deceased organ donors can donate both kidneys, liver, both lungs, heart, pancreas, and intestines. But that’s only the organs, corneas, tissues, blood stem cells, cord blood, bone marrow, hands, and face can also be donated. Becoming an organ donor after death is not only an important decision for yourself, but it saves many lives after yours, it’s morally correct, and helps grieving family members. Organ donation is a great feat, it is giving the gift of life.

According to, “More than 125 million people have registered as organ donors, but only about 3 in 1,000 can actually become donors when they die.” If the amount of people that sign up could donate, then we would have a significant difference. To sign up
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According to, “One organ donor can save up to eight lives. The same donor can also save or improve the lives of up to 50 people by donating tissues and eyes.” This is an amazing feat that just one person can accomplish! There are more than 120,000 people in the U.S that are waiting for organ transplants. If only one person donates than eight lives from so many can be saved. Twenty two people die everyday while waiting for a needed organ, this number could be changed if more people would consider being an organ donor. Every ten minutes more names are added to the long list of people who are in dire need of an organ transplant. Organ donation is only done after the patient is declared deceased, donation takes place under the exact same sterile conditions as any other medical procedures. You will still be able to have an open casket funeral after donation, the donor’s body is never disfigured. Donation doesn’t cost anything, your family will not have to pay a dime for any
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