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Good morning dear honorable guests, teachers, and fellow schoolmates. I am Candice, a first-year undergraduate. The organ donation rate in Hong Kong is extremely low when compared with other developed countries. It causes terminally-ill patients to have a long wait or even have died before an organ is available for transplantation. My talk is concerned with raising awareness about the need of donating organs to save lives and recommending ways to increase the organ donation rate. I am going to divide this talk into two parts. First of all, I would raise awareness about organ donation in two aspects. Then, I would suggest three ways to increase the organ donation rate. Firstly, The urgent demand for more organ donation. The number of patients on the waiting list for organ transplants in Hong Kong is rising because of the low organ donation rate and the increasing of terminally-ill patients. To put it simply, the organ donation is undersupplied. There are around 3,000 patients waiting for organ transplants. The Legislative Council Secretariat also mentions that kidneys were the most needed organ on the waiting list. The ratio of the number of patients waiting for the renal transplant to the number of donations was 24 to 1, and the average waiting time was 51 months. The organ donation could not fulfill the urgent demand of getting the organ to transplant. Next, donating organs is very important for terminally-ill patients to save lives. Do you know that 1 organ donor could

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