Organ Sales Will Save Lives Analysis

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Throughout the article “Organ Sales Will Save Lives”, her thesis statement is clear. Joanne believes that people should be allowed to donate their kidneys even if people believe that it is “morally wrong.” Throughout her entire article she restates her opinion that people should be able to sell kidney’s without consequences. In the article, she states why people believe that it shouldn’t be legal as well as people who do believe that it should be legal. Most people believe that it shouldn’t be legal for one reason, that it is morally wrong. She states several reasons why she believes that it should be legal. She believes that people should be able to donate their organs, as long as they know the side effects and the consequences before following through with the surgery.…show more content…
More people are likely to donate if they would be rewarded so that they are helped just like the recipitant. She states that there are several donors in third world countries that would gladly give away their kidney’s for only the cost of $1,000. They are in such a desperate time they would sell their body parts, just to help their family survive. Another reason why organ sales should be legal is because it would stop the illegal trade of kidney’s. In the illegal trade of kidney’s, no one has the interests of the seller. Most of the money goes to the doctor for performing an illegal surgery and the middle man who automatically gets 10%. If the sales of organs were legal, it could be regulated and monitored by the government and other organizations. She then refers to the prohibition act when “desperatly wanted goods” were illegal and how it would be affected if corruption and exploitation of those goods were
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