Organ Trafficking Persuasive Speech

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SPECIFIC PURPOSE To persuade my audience to become organ donors as a mean to help stop the crime of organ trafficking. INTRODUCTION Pretend there is something you really want. Pretend it is something that you simply can’t live without. You’ll probably be picturing a mobile phone, an iPad, a car perhaps… something that you depend on in your daily lives, and had become, along the years, an important part of you that you just can’t let go off. Wang, a Chinese teenager isn’t that different; except for he is poor and couldn’t really afford a phone. Wang is only one example of those many unfortunate people in the world where life is hard and survival is an everyday challenge. He might want a phone; others might be begging for food, dreaming…show more content…
d. Finally, you’re done. You just have to continue living your life as before, the only difference being the satisfaction you get about being altruistic, knowing that one day, you will be able to save about 8 lives and change the lives of about 50 people. (also according to, the National Foundation For Transplants.) CONCLUSION To conclude, organ trafficking is a crime that must be stopped immediately. Humans must have complete autonomy over their bodies. Their safety must be taken into serious consideration and the vulnerable and less fortunate ones must be protected from being duped into such an unethical crime that is stimulated by dishonest doctors and organ brokers. So, in order to achieve this safety level and hopefully put this illegal behavior at an end, I encourage all of you to take action and become organ donors. The supply of organs will increase legally; thus, the number of organs sold unethically in the Black Market will decrease. Tragic expressions such as “HER HEART IS MISSING” won’t be seen anymore in bold letters on the news or on newspapers’ first page. Plus, think of it. It doesn’t take much, just a courageous heart and a generous spirit. Besides, who knows, it might be a loved one that you might be saving. So, live long, live life, but then don’t forget to pass it
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