Organ Donation Ethics

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Implication ethic of organ transplant
Organ transplant has been hailed as one of the greatest achievements of modern surgery. There are however, many ethical difficulties and argument associated with this procedure. factor that needs to be considered was the cost of organ transplant, as all organ transplants are very expensive, as it includes the surgical process and later on, the continuing treatment process. Would this mean that a rich person would get a new organ and a poor person refused .Therefore they Setting up a National Transplant Fund, whose role was to help and fund organ transplant of those in need, reduced this problem.
Moreover, The ethical problems presented by transplantation of the heart, for example, are similar to those
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Further discussion and research is needed to address these issues. Evidence-based results from these scientific researches have important implications for healthcare practices.
Social and religious of organ transplant
The shortage of organs for transplantation makes it important to understand why some oppose organ donation. There are many reasons why certain populations are less likely to approval to organ donations. Among these reasons, both social and religious issues play an important role, especially in a multiethnic, multicultural and multireligious community. It had been reported that the formal position of a religion to organ donation and transplant play an important factor in persuading the community regarding organ transplant. Social :Many social issues need to be considered when promoting organ transplant in the community. Some of these issues are misconceptions that need to be addressed
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When dealing with this issue, it should not be forgotten that this is a discussion of life and death, where a decision is made on who lives, who dies and why. This issue is also regarding real people who are suffering, and decisions made based on good ethics and proper understanding of social and religious aspects will facilitate and make the process less painful. Both the community and physicians should therefore approach organ transplant positively and objectively and treat ethical, social and religious issues as negotiable perspectives and not barriers to organ

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