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An organic chemical, also referred to as an organic compound, is defined as being constructed of molecules that possess carbon based atoms. Specifically, it is composed of carbon atoms attached to hydrogen atom together with a variety of other elements from functional groups, such as oxygen, nitrogen, sulphur etc. Organic chemical exists naturally, albeit in a vast variety of combinations. In fact, they occur in all living organisms and form the core of all biological processes. Two of the simplest reaction that occurs are combustion and saponification or the hydrolysis of fats. Today, organic compounds are generally categorized as being either natural or synthetic, although sub classifications
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Even the everyday detergents are chemical compounds that may pollute our environment. Read the labels of detergent products to confirm that they contain a variety of potentially hazardous chemicals TYPES OF ORGANIC POLLUTION
DDT(dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane) is an insecticides that was once widely used on agricultural crops to control insects that transmit diseases such as malaria and typhus. DDT enters the food chain when used as a pesticides. It can then stay in the soil for years. DDT is slowly converted to DDE (dichlorodiphenyldichloroethylene)and DDD (dichlorodiphenyldichloroethane) by micro organisms and has a half life of two to 15 years. DDD and DDE are also toxic. Some DDT ends up in plants and then moves to the fatty tissues of birds, small animals and other animals that consume the plants or are otherwise exposed to low levels of DDT. DDT and it's derivatives are harmful to humans as well as animals. In humans, DDT affects the nervous system and can cause tremors and seizures.
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The co2 emissions cause significant problems with the air quality and causing the climate to change for the worse. The POPS will not get better unless other actions are taken to prevent such disasters in the environment.

Organic pollution can also be caused by a variety of chemicals from a variety of sources and can involve a variety of health effects from simple digestive problems to chemical intoxication and sudden death by poisoning. The effects are usually related to the exposure to high amounts of chemicals. Organic pollution leads to various serious diseases, generally by consuming water or breathing highly contaminated air.
Chemical intoxication can have severe health effects that may trigger immediate symptoms and diseases or delayed effects which may appear after weeks or months since the exposure occurred. This is based on the type of pollutants and on the amounts to which you are exposed. TWELVE POPS EFFECTS ON HUMAN AND ECOSYSTEM
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