Organic Dog Food Research Paper

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Lately, there has been so much hype about organic food as it is considered healthier than conventional production which uses synthetic chemicals to facilitate production. On the other hand, organic production uses a very restricted amount of organic insecticides, herbicides and pesticides. The synthetic chemicals used for conventional production are thought to be the reason behind many ailments suffered by people and it is for this reason that organic food is increasingly making its way on the dinner table. Dogs, like humans, have not been left out in the quest for healthy living and instead of consuming the conventional food for dogs; they are increasingly consuming organic dog food. There are many types of dog food, different due to the quality of the ingredients they contain, the formula which was used to produce these foods and the nutritional value. Organic food for dogs several marked advantages over conventional dog food. For instance, if the dog suffers from constant…show more content…
It is made with the greatest possible care and does not contain any artificial preservatives, fillers or flavorings. Organic food is good for the body as well as the environment as it does not contain any synthetic additives. Dog owners who are looking for a healthy lifestyle both for themselves and their dogs are well advised to invest in organic dog food. It is worth noting however that organic dog food is very expensive compared to the other types of food for dogs and many people feel like they cannot afford it. However, dog owners should consider purchasing organic food as a form of investment for their dogs and a preventive measure against the ailments associated with the other types of food for dogs. It makes no sense to avoid purchasing organic dog food due to its price, only to end up spending more looking for treatment for the dog 's many

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