Organic Food And Organic Foods

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In this research investigation I will be researching organic versus inorganic foods and textiles and further investigating the impact of the way they affect our environment, how they affect ones health, the effect they have on our economy and then giving my own opinion and a motivation on the research I conducted.
Organic food is food which is produced using environmentally and animal friendly farming and agricultural methods.
The demand for organic foods comes from health-conscious people who have become aware of the effects that inorganic or foreign substances may have on their bodies and health. Many people are also concerned with preserving nature and the planet. They demand organically grown food. Organic food has more of the antioxidant compounds linked to better health than regular and inorganic food, and lower levels of toxic metals and pesticides
Organic farming and agriculture aims to produce food while establishing an ecological balance to prevent soil fertility or pest problems. Organic farming is done in a way where - organic food production eliminates soil and water from contaminating. Since organic food production strictly avoids the use of all synthetic chemicals which are artificial and not of a natural origin, it does not pose any risk of soil and underground water contamination like inorganic farming which uses tons of artificial fertilizers and pesticides. By avoiding toxic chemicals organic food production helps preserve natural

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