Organic Food Ethics

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There have not been many people that have gone on the opposition of organic foods and its production, but there is one that clearly states his disbelief and ethics in the organic foods idea, an American agronomist, Norman Borlaug. Borlaug was once asked about his opinion on organic foods and was very detailed in his response giving details and examples. He takes the route suggesting that organic foods will have no way of feeding the whole world and there is no way to live in a world without using fertilizers and chemicals in our foods. If people want to believe that the organic food has better nutritive value, it's up to them to make that foolish decision. But there's absolutely no research that shows that organic foods provide better nutrition.…show more content…
However, for how much this topic is worth, it is not as urgent as many other ethical questions that have been aroused in the American society today. There are many other issues that are more significant such as immigration and freedom of speech. Immigration is a very tough one because of how difficult of an ethical situation it is. Is allowing all immigrants to enter the United States from their corrupt countries and helping them out the better choice than letting them take many jobs from Americans and overpopulating the states, which is more of America’s selfish needs? Also, does the right of freedom of speech have a limit to it? We see a lot of injustices in our country today; is it necessary for people to voice their opinions even more or is banning that the better option to eliminate a lot of violence that comes out of it? These situations hold a lot more of ethical questions to them and should be immediately and effectively examined as thorough a possible so that there is an action plan for these situations that can affect most people. One reason why the debate between organic and inorganic food is not as urgent as these issues are because this situation does not take an immediate toll on our population. Harmful foods will take much time for it to impact us and will not do much at the current moment. However, this does not mean we cannot act now and create steps to improve our society as a whole. Just like a New York Times investigator, Michael Moss, states that “1 in 5 kids are clinically obese,” which is a clear indication that steps must be taken to lower the number of health issues, not only children receive, but all the people around the world (Moss). First and foremost, is to educate all and everyone about the difference between organic and processed for and not only how it
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