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The objective of writing this research is because to determine about the health benefit of organic food consumption in the area of Klang Valley. When people wanted to consume food, the first thing that they think on is healthy and clean. Besides that, choose to have the research in Klang Valley because I stay around that area and curious to know about what are the consumption patterns of consumer in Klang Valley and to identify how organic foods affect their living. This research is important in the field of hospitality and culinary art so I choose to do some research on, to identify the health benefit of organic food consumption in Klang Valley. Besides that, nowadays people want to live and eat healthier due to the changes of foods.
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Hope that everyone besides me and the person who loves me can have a longer life and enjoying their life by eating in a correct and healthy way. This research is about the health benefit of organic food towards consumer when they consume. Therefore, there are few important elements about organic food which are the health, environment, nutritional value and also the flavour and freshness. Besides that, in Malaysia, there are more people that pay attention to the organic food and the organic farm, organic restaurant, organic shop that exist in these few years, likes GK organic farm, Cameron farm, organic home, BMS organic and many more. Moreover, during the last year, I had a chance to go to visit GK organic farm which is the organic farm in Kuala Lumpur to see what the real organic farm is. Normally, on the surface you can’t see the difference compared to the normal farm. It is better to stay there and have few days or weeks of practical or to work together with the farmers. So that can be able to see the difference during that time after finished the practical and work. Even though was only one day of visitation at there, can be able to learned a lot thing and had an organic food as lunch there including the fruits, drinks and foods likes the fresh vegetables that without any chemicals. Here are the Research Objectives, Research Questions and Research

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