Organic Lifestyle Essay

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Apply 7 techniques to improve organic lifestyle

A change is the only constant thing on our planet Earth. Whether good or bad. Our workaholic lifestyle somehow has restricted the change for good in our lives. The ignorance towards health has made an alarming reminder to improve our living schedules. To promise a better life and take up healthy measures is the first step towards a longer life span.

It does not take much time to change your habit and go for the healthy way of living. To value the life given to you here are 7 techniques you can include in your daily life to improve your organic footprint.

1.Reduce the wastage of water and drink more!

Water water everywhere not a drop to drink! This statement goes well with the present condition
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To balance the Eco-system and preserve it from global warming, one needs to reduce the amount of energy intake. The lesser we use energy the lesser we emit harmful chemicals to save our health.
To include alternates like solar energy in our day to day lives, we can make a lot of difference. It will help to protect the depleting ozone layer. It will reduce the level of impurities in our surrounding saving us from some deadly diseases.

3. Where do I get fresh air?

Our globe blankets a protective layers those save us from the harmful rays of the sun. If this layer starts to deplete then the air gets polluted. It can cause some serious chronic diseases like asthma and heart attacks. This layer is getting hampered by the increasing number of fuel emission in the environment.
The independent life has made us buy vehicles and other appliances on an individual basis. This has increased the ecological footprint. it will lead to emitting of chloro floro carbon in the environment.
To revive fresh air for a healthy living one needs to opt for activities like carpool, CNG and Eco-friendly appliances. These help to reduce the contribution towards polluting the air.

4. I love chemical-free organic
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