Organic Meat Benefits The Human Body

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The human being has consumed meat for thousands of years which has been part of the daily life. It would be very challenging for some people to stop consuming meat and would require a lot of effort since we found meat everywhere. It is true that meat provides nutrients that benefit the human body. Nevertheless, these benefits can only be provided by organic meat, because when you buy processed meat you are buying more than that. However, we let ourselves be carried away by the vitamins and minerals that this provides to us. Ignoring the dark part that is behind the meat industry. Everyday thousands of animals are killed and cruelly treated in factory farms to satisfy the meat production for people all over the world. Our environment is also affected by the factory farms. They take an enormous amount of water and they desforesate to use big lands; causing global warming. Farmers do not care about the consumers health, they will do what is possible to produce more and more meat and increase their sales.This is…show more content…
Without enough iron you may feel tired, irritable or lack concentration. To put it another way, meat contains a highly absorbable form of iron called heme iron, which helps to prevent nutritional deficiency such as Anemia. Zinc is also a body essential that help to build a strong immune system. With a strong immune system, your body can fight easily against diseases.In the article How much beef can I eat? Published by Harvard Health they recommend to limit your consumption to 24-ounce portions a week (par.1). The main reason why you should be aware of how much meat you eat it is, because processed meat have a lot of saturated fat. But why you have to take the risk when there is other types of food that can give you the the same
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