Organic Molecules Lab Report

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Murder and a Meal: An Organic Compounds Lab
Based on the contents of the victim's stomach, where did he eat his final meal?
Background Information:
A macromolecule is a molecule that contains a large number of atoms, such as proteins, nucleic acids, carbohydrates or lipids. Macromolecules are formed by a process known as polymerization in which large compounds are built by the joining of smaller one together. The smaller units are known as monomers and monomers together form polymers. Macromolecules are important to living things for example proteins are an example of macromolecules. Proteins are important to our survival because the fight germs and help in transporting molecules in and out of cells.
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In order to test if the macromolecule lipids were present, the stomach contents were mixed with distilled water, and the solution is placed on a brown paper. Oil when placed on paper, usually live that spot lucid after a specific amount of time. This occurred with the brown paper proving the existence of lipids. Next, a test was administered to test for the macromolecule Glucose. Glucose was shown to be present through the heating of the stomach contents when mixed with water. When exposed to heat, sugar will at first melt into a thick syrup. As the temperature continues to rise, the sugar syrup changes color, from clear to light yellow. The solution changed from the color of the stomach contents to yellow establishing the existence of…show more content…
When the test for the protein macromolecules where completed there proved to be an absence of proteins because there was no change in color after the 5-7 drops of the Buriet solution had been added. Finally, after all the experiments were performed based on the knowledge of macromolecules and how all foods are made up of different macromolecules the data gathered was used. Considering an analysis of the stomach contents was performed that suggests that it is food that the victim ate that is being examined, so the macromolecules present in the stomach contents are those that are present in the food he ate. With this mind, as the results came up as there being a presence of the macromolecules glucose, starch, and lipids the only restaurant that offers the food that contains these macromolecules is the restaurant, Bella

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