Organic Vegetable Research Paper

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Title:Are organic vegetables safe?

Module Title : Global Food Issues
Class : AS114102/1B

Group Members:
Lee Tsz Yeung (150323227)
Lee Wai Lam(150563689)
Leung Hoi Lam(150050036)
Lai Siu Kwan(150214404)
Lai Wing Lam(150198227)
Ko Hei Man(150575511)

The above talk about whether organic vegetables are safe or not. For the objectives, we consider from the society, health problem and the future tendency of organic farming.

Introduction and objectives
Due to the developed farming technology, more people know the organic farming method. The world market for organic food has grown for over 15 years. Organic vegetable gardening is becoming more popular with each passing year. Food can only be called “organic” if it is produced
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Organic vegetables are a necessity for good health. It is essential to know more about the quality of organic vegetables and public awareness of organic food can be increased. Citizen can receive the knowledge about organic vegetable and they are safe or not. When the consumers buy organic vegetables, they should think twice. For example, is it really worth using higher price to buy organic vegetable? After investigating the information, we can figure out the answer clearly.

Apart from the social cognition, organic vegetables safety problem is always a controversial issue. Some people claim that organic vegetables are safer or healthier than conventional food. They think that some organic food may have higher levels of certain antioxidants and nutrition. But other people do not agree. Evidence regarding whether increased anti-oxidant consumption improves health is conflicting. We want to investigate this contention in depth and find out the outcome through doing this project. Therefore, we can know what the side effect of the organic vegetables is.

Besides, in Asia, production and consumption of organic products is rising rapidly. Also, China is becoming global producers of organic crops and large consumers of organic food and drink. The organic farming trend to be important. It seems that more people will contact with organic food and they want to pay attention on the organic technology.

Requirements of Organic
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In 2012, a large review of 237 studies published in the Annals of Internal Medicine also found that organic foods did not appear to be any healthier or safer to eat than the conventionally grown counterparts. In a big meta-analysis in 2014, Leifert, who is a research Development Professor for Ecological Agriculture at Newcastle University, and his colleagues reviewed 347 studies comparing organic and conventional produced around the world. They concluded that organic fruits and vegetables had, on average, higher levels of antioxidants and lower levels of synthetic pesticides residue. According to the above research, we found that there are the similar purposes and results. They may have not much difference of nutritional value between organic and conventional

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