Organisational Structure Of Coca Cola

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Organisational behaviour is the study of both group and individual performance and activity within an organisation. Internal and external perspectives are two theories of how organisational behaviour can be viewed by companies. ORGANISATIONAL STRUCTURE

WHAT IS ORGANISATIONAL STRUCTURE: -Defined as the established pattern of relationships among the components of the organisation -Organisation structure basically explains the relationship between the individuals and the management level staff of the company
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Coca made its entry in india in 1993 offering a less variety of drinks like coca cola and diet coke,but after a few years of testing coca cola became a leading company in beverages even in india and probably has the largest market share in the field of soft drinks.In india coca cola is preferred and one of the most sold drinks in the country,Coca cola is served in almost ore than +200 countries in the world with 6 operating regions Eurasia,Africa,Europe,North America,Latin America and the 94% of the world knows the red and white logo of coca…show more content…
-Management theory explains how the employees and the managers and the employees relate to their organisations.
-The different types of management theories are as follows:
-Classical approach-It includes that the company believes only that the employees just need physical and economical need to stay working for the company there is no need of social needs.
Classical approach includes scientific theory,administrative and bureaucratic management.
-Scientific theory-Is based on continuous improvement of work which is their main objective and even increase labour productivity management of a business.
-Administrative theory-Is based on the work to be divided amongst the employees in which the authority and responsibility is on the employee and if anything goes wrong it is the fault of the employee and not the manager.
-Bureaucratic management-Is based on one theory that there is only one authority in the company which is the CEO of the company and once a decision is made it has to be followed and there is no objection in the decision
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