Organization And Leadership Analysis: Humble Surgical Hospital

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Organization and Leadership Analysis
Humble Surgical hospital is a state of the art multi-specialty, physician-owned surgical hospital offering state-of-the-art equipment and a variety of surgical procedures. It is a highly qualified and experienced team of physicians, nurses and medical personnel aims to ensure that patients receive excellent surgical services in a warm, caring, and friendly environment.
The hospital is twelve-bed . hospital comprising of six operating rooms, one post anesthesia care unit, one inpatient unit, one preoperative unit , one procedure room unit, and emergency room department.
The hospital is staffed by two hundred and fifty employees made up of clinical staffs, medical staffs, allied health professionals, business
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He did not make it a piece of paper without a guidance to form all the key decisions. He determined and communicated the organization strategic direction. Dr. kibirige make decision and guides employees to help him shape the strategic vision. He do describe it in a clear, engaging and exciting way for all the stakeholders. Al the employees in the company understand how the direction affects their job, and daily responsibilities.
He balanced the proper resources, the capital and people. He allocated enough resource to procure the proper quantities of capital equipments, and hire enough number of qualified employees at the right time. He made sure that all the executives have experience dealing with budgets and allocating resources. He kept a proper balance of resources for disparaging groups and initiatives, in accordance of Humble Surgical Hospital goal. He has a deep understanding of all aspects of the hospital business as well as the clear vision. He put the right people in the right positions with the right
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The strengths influence every level of the organization, and it is well and widely researched. It is very appealing since the followers believe it is rational. It is process-focused, transitional leader treats leadership as a process occurring between the followers and leaders(Suresh. A. Rajini.J 2013). Transformational leadership has extensive sweep that integrate and incorporate other leadership models. It considers the followers needs, values and morals(Suresh. A. Rajini. J. 2013).
The weakness of transformational leadership is authoritarian. The followers have the least chance to question the leader, and their concern can easily be under valued. It is distinguish characteristics in the leader, which have potential to be abused. There is complexity in it. Transformational leadership is a conglomerate of various leadership characteristics which not be easy learn.
Such transformational leadership weaknesses could improve the leader integrate more servant leadership elements. Those can give the followers greater ownership, responsibilities, formulation of collective vision that will serve both the followers and organization stakeholders.
Establishing the methodologies to have measurable indicators will help to learn the complexities of transformational leadership.(SURESH & Rajini,
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