Organization Change: Literature Review Of Organizational Change

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LITERATURE REVIEW OF ORGANISATIONAL CHANGE Organization change is the process in which all organization moves from present state to the desired future to raise the strength. Change is an essential process if a firm will like to avoid stagnation fast and is likely to enlarge further in the near competitive business (Kavita 2005). Change may occur as doing things differently in other to manage up with rising changes in the organization environment. The change in any part of the business may affect the entire organization. In this case Change could be proactive or reactive. A proactive change has essentially to be planned effort to prepare for expected future challenges and generally initiated by top management. A reactive change may be a usual reaction to a change that is taking place in environment. Organization change is an organized change, an organized structure which moves toward individuals, teams to form a present state to a desired future. And it major objectives is to maximize the cooperative benefits for people engage in the change and minimize the risk of breakdown to change. TYPES OF ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE Operational change: - This is a necessitated when an organization desires to progress the quality of its products or services due to external competition, customers, changing requirements and demands or internal organization dynamics (Kavita 2005). Development of production and service capabilities could centre on quantity, quality, timelines, cost of

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